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University of Redlands AUDITIONS

TheWolves Audition notice.jpg

The Wolves

by Sarah DeLappe 

directed by Allison Scarlet Jaye

Performance Dates:  October 27-30, 2022 

Audition Dates: Thurs Sept 1 @ 5p-7p & Friday Sept 2nd @ 4p-6p in Room 210 Theater Building *

Callback Date: Friday Sept 2nd @ 6:30p-8:30p in Loewe Theater *

    *If you cannot make any of the audition dates/times, please contact our Theater Department Coordinator (info below) to set up a time.  If you are interested in auditioning, we want to see you!



Pulitzer Prize finalist The Wolves is a bold and moving play by Sarah DeLappe. Featuring female-presenting characters (comprised of nine adolescents and one briefly-seen adult), The Wolves chronicles six Saturday mornings in the lives of a soccer team somewhere in suburban America as they prepare for their games. The players, each only referred to by their team number, discuss everything from genocide to menstrual cycles to drugs to boys (and girls!) to literature to each other. This group of individuals seem indistinguishable at first but quickly become identifiable and different. Funny, shocking, and emotional, The Wolves is a ferocious look at a group of young people coming of age in society today.


Monday-Thursday approx. @ 5:30p-9:30p (subject to change per cast availability)

First Rehearsal: Monday Sept 5th

Tech Week Rehearsal: October 21-26

Audition Requirements:

1) SIGN UP!  Please sign up by clicking on the SignUpGenius link 

2) Complete, print, and bring this audition form (downloadable here) to your audition:



3) Please prepare a 1-2min monologue or story that you love to share.  It should be something you connect to that you feel shows who you are.  Memorization is a plus but having a paper with you is okay.  Please PREPARE and PRACTICE your monologue or story before your audition, even if you are going to use your paper, to ensure that you will be able to look up and connect during your piece.  Be prepared to share any sports exercises, calls, cheers, etc. that you may have in your wheelhouse.


4) Take a look at the breakdown below and prepare to share which roles appeal to you the most and why. 


5) Above all: have fun!

Auditions are held in 10-minute increments.  Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment and be prepared to stay a little later if auditions run behind.  Let us know when you arrive if you have a tight window (ie need to get to class, meeting, etc.)  We will do our best to keep things running smoothly and on time.  You showing up prepared and punctually will help this process start and end as planned.


--> This play requires sports-like movement and flexibility in rehearsal and performance.  Accommodations will be made per the ability and safety of each actor.  *You do not need to have athletic experience to audition or get cast.*


--> Themes and content explored/discussed: sex, reproductive care, queerness, explicit language, death.

--> All characters are female-presenting.  Non-binary actors who are comfortable with the material and interested are encouraged to audition.

Role Breakdown:

       #11 - Midfield.  Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful.  Seventeen.

       #25 - Defense.  Captain.  Classic (ex)-coach's daughter.  Seventeen.

                   (*Note: this role requires very short or buzzed hair)

       #13 - Midfield.  Stoner, older pot dealer brother, into her own wackiness.  Sixteen.

       #46 - Bench.  New girl. Awkward, different, just wants to fit in.  Sixteen.

       #2 - Defense.  Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny.  Sixteen.

       #7 - Striker.  Too cool for school.  Sarcastic, "fuck," thick eyeliner.  Almost seventeen.

       #14 - Midfield.  #7's insecure sidekick.  Just switched to contacts.  Sixteen.

       #8 - Defense.  Childlike and determined to stay that way.  Sixteen.

       #00 - Goalie.  Intense performance anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever.  Seventeen.

       Soccer Mom.  This role is cast.

Reach out with questions!

If you have any questions or have a conflict with the audition time frames but would still like to audition, please contact the Theater Department Coordinator, Melanie Luine, at or 909-748-8728.  


We're excited to see you at the auditions!


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