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Teaching Artist

With experience teaching in classrooms, workshops, conservatories, and Universities all over the world, Allison is a dynamic, nurturing teaching artist who specializes in teaching Voice, Acting, Movement, Shakespeare, Solo Performance, and Lîla Yoga. Using a variety of methods and techniques, Allison's organic and empowering approach helps new and seasoned actors alike strengthen their physical and imaginative versatility, brave emotional availability, and a confident, holistic sense of self.

Reach out to Allison about teaching opportunities or to request her resume & CV.  Get in touch here.

Producer, Administrator, Creative

Allison is a creative, grounded professional and forward-thinking leader who has 20+ years in administrative, executive, educational, production, and client-facing positions. Highly innovative and intuitively organized, Allison is a reliable partner who is a joy to work with.

Reach out to Allison about administrative, executive, and production opportunities and request her resume.  Get in touch here.

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