Hurt People

     (1 f, 17+.  70mins)

     17-year-old Sara’s high school is the target of a mass shooting.  Separated from her twin

     sister, she is forced to live with her estranged ex-military aunt. When a piece of national news breaks,    

     Sara is inspired to right the past by protecting the future.  Please click HERE for more information.




     (2m/2f, 50's+.  90mins)

     The relationship lines are blurry between longtime friends Therese and Janet.  Married to affluent   

     politicians running for office, these couples living in the wealthy Foothills of Tucson, Arizona, find things

     rapidly falling out of balance when Therese makes a confession that makes them all start talking about

     the things they aren't supposed to talk about.




     (3f, 20's+.  30mins)

     Lauren and Gretchen are having their first baby, but their midwife is out of town.  When Madeline arrives

     to deliver Gretchen's baby, Lauren is faced with having to be present with her partner while reconciling an

     unfinished past.  Premiered at the Pittsburgh Pride Theatre Festival, 2006.



The Mom Team

     (2f, 30's+.  30mins)

     On the Fourth of July at her summer house in the Hampton's, recently divorced Clarissa comes home to   

     her nanny, Molly, who delivers some news that brings Clarissa face-to-face with the choice between being

     a mother and being a mommy.