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17-year-old Sara overslept the morning her high school was the target of a mass shooting.  Separated from her twin sister, she is forced to wait out the aftermath living off the grid with her estranged, ex-military aunt.  When a piece of national news breaks, Sara is inspired to right the past by protecting the future.    

Wild-hearted,  vulnerable,  vivid, and  funny, "hurt people" is a solo tour-de-force that uses multi-media, spoken word poetry, and dynamic movement to tell the story behind the next headline.



















The Research

"hurt people" was commissioned by Artistic Director Dr. Susan Russell for the 2014 Cultural Conversations Festival, “Right to Remain Violent: Gun Control F/Or a New Civilzation.”  Compiling years of research to compose the piece, Allison continues to research the impact and aftermath of mass shootings in our country. 



















Bring hurt people to your theatre

With four props, one video, and three portable furniture pieces, "hurt people" is powerful in its simplicity.  A 65-minute piece that plays best in intimate spaces, it is a brave, innovative, startling piece of theatre that appeals to seasoned theatre goers and fresh audiences alike.  Contact Allison on her CONTACT PAGE for more information on booking.










in performane
performance space
in performance
Tech Rehearsal
in performance
Talk back, Bowery Poetry Club
in performance
in performance
Tech Rehearsal
In rehearsal
Moms Demand Action resource table
in performance
Talk back, Bowery Poetry Club
Tech Rehearsal
Moms Demand Action resource table
Talk back, Bowery Poetry Club
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Production History

++Recent Performances++

August 28, 2016

Benefit for Moms Demand Action and

Pulse Victims Fund through Equality Florida

Bowery Poetry Club, New York City GO

July 16, 2015

New York State Summer School of the Arts

SUNY Delhi, Delhi NY

November 22, 2014

United Solo Theatre Festival

Theatre Row, New York City  GO

February 14, 2014

Cultural Conversations Festival

Penn State University, State College PA

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